RatioPlant® ConeCept


RatioPlant® ConeCept implants are the new root-analog dental implants by HumanTech.

Implants of the RatioPlant® ConeCept line are root analog screw implants with blasted and etched surface for all indications and excellent healing with optimal osteone attachment favored by the special nano surface.
Video about the special features of the ConeCept implant series

Due to the design, only one connection between implant and abutment is required. This means that all abutments fit on every implant. The desired emergence profile is created after the healing time of the implant by using the appropriate healing cap and the prosthetic requirements.

RatioPlant® ConeCept implants are available in four diameters and five lengths. All implant sizes are distributed across one platform. This increases the flexibility in the choice of components, because every prosthetic component fits on every implant.

The roughened surface at the upper edge of the implants favors a real "platform switch" Due to the conical transition from the upper edge of the implant to the crenellated connection, RatioPlant® ConeCept implants achieve a high seal between implant and abutment.The biomechanical tests showed a much higher load capacity compared to the previous Avantgarde implants. The implants have a crenellated connection, a long taper and an internal thread according to the standard.

The healing caps correspond to the emergence profile of the impression copings, as well as the choosen abutments and can be used on all ConeCept implants.
The newly developed, compact UNIVERSAL KIT makes it possible to cover all Ratioplant® applications in soft and hard bone with one kit. The clear, self-explanatory labelling makes it particularly user-friendly and clear.